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PT Trias Sentosa Tbk adopts high-end technologies in its production process. The Company is aware that high quality standard can only achieved through the application of appropriate and efficient facilities. At present, PT Trias Sentosa Tbk operates three factories with daily capacities of more than 250 MT per day. The plant sites are equipped with qualified man powers and suitable technology to produce premium result of BOPP and BOPET films.

  • Film Making
    imgmanufacture1 Technology is one of the most crucial components in the optimization of our performance. We continuously upgrade our technology standard with the latest advancements. Researches and studies are conducted periodically to seek out for more efficient alternative to be applied in our production process.

    Each level of our production process is operated with precision and strict observation to produce premium BOPP and BOPET films. Our man powers are constantly standing by to operate and maintain the facilities in top performance.
  • Converting Films
    imgmanufacture2 In line with the company’s growth, PT Trias Sentosa Tbk has expanded its product line to meet the market demand. Instead of just manufacturing plain films, the Company is now focusing more on producing innovative films. We have a wide range of customized quality films that have been used by various industries, multinational and national companies alike located around the world.
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We offer two types of “Astria” coated films— PVdC and Acrylic coated films. PVdC coated films have high moisture and oxygen barriers, as well as transparent quality that are required in “see-through” food packaging. Our acrylic coated films, on the other hand, are used as labels because of their excellent printability and good finishing appearance. Furthermore, acrylic coated films can be used as overwraps due to their low sealing point.

Our Company develops a wide array of metalized films. Our “Astria” metalized films provide excellent protection from moisture, oxygen, and UV light designed at various barrier levels according to specifications. This guarantees supreme protection for snacks, liquid and gas flush packaging. In addition, high barrier metalized films are often used as an alternative for aluminum foil replacement.

“Astria” thermal films are specifically designed to possess high adhesion strength for lamination without the use of adhesives. This enables them to provide good film protection as well as beautiful finishing appearance. Our thermal films come in two varieties—gloss and matte surfaces. Corona treated thermal films also facilitate printing technique such as hot stamping.

Our “Astria” laminated films are characterized by their high oxygen and UV light barrier properties as well as superior heat seal strength, making them suitable for food packaging. Moreover, our scrim laminated films serve as excellent rooftop insulation due to its outstanding qualities which include heat reflectance, fire retardant, and high vapor barrier.

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