Trias Sentosa Increases Capacity by Forming 2 New Companies

To increase capacity to produce many products with higher added value, PT Trias Sentosa is optimistic to form 2 new companies which are the result of collaboration with a Japanese public company, Toyobo Co. Ltd.

The two new companies with an investment of up to Rp1.1 trillion are PT Trias Toyobo Astria (TTA) and PT Toyobo Trias Ecosyar (TTE). In this collaboration, TTA's main controller is PT Trias Sentosa Tbk, while TTE is controlled by Toyobo Co Ltd, both of which will be built at the PT Trias Sentosa Tbk factory site in Sidoarjo.

Sugeng Kurniawan, President Director of PT Trias Sentosa Tbk, said that the products produced by TTA are the same as those produced by PT Trias Sentosa Tbk, which is PET film, which will be marketed to the domestic and export markets. The difference is, TTA will be facilitated by new machines. Some of the products of TTA are also distributed to TTE as raw materials.

Unlike TTA, TTE is a company that will produce the transparent barrier PET film with the ECOSYAR brand for packaging industry packaging materials. The export market is the main market for ECOSYAR films.

The two factories will be completed and will start operating in the second half of 2019 and will be able to absorb 172 new workers.

Source: http://www.imq21.com/news/read/455007/20170814/132235/Trias-Sentosa-Bentuk-2-Perusahaan-Baru.html

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